Receive Jesus.

Refresh people.

Renew the city.


Our Values

Our values are those things that we hang our actions on.  They support and hold up everything that we do!

Jesus Is The Center

Jesus is the central point and focus of our lives. We live because of Him, through Him and for Him.





A Seat At The Table

We welcome the stranger, the alien, the broken, the hurting, the lost, the least, the last and the different.





Holistic Spirituality

Our desire is to grow in all areas of our lives. We live by the fruit of the Spirit in our thoughts, actions, emotions and beliefs.






Family First

We support families in their roles and responsibilities. We will build our city by building our families.






Authentic Community

Our desire is to be a place where real, authentic, and grace-filled relationships can be born and sustained.






Creative Relevance

God has made us creative beings to connect with the world with our spiritual gifts and talents.






God first gave to us, so we choose to give back.  We give generously, love generously, and live generously.




What We Believe

At our core, we believe that we are part of an amazing story that has been taking place well before we arrived and will continue for eternity long.    

(If you prefer a more systematic or detailed version of what we believe, please visit the Foursquare Church's page here to read more)

So, here's the story:


God created an amazing paradise on earth.  In an act of selfishness and pride by humans like us, that paradise was lost and all of creation was broken as a result.    (Genesis 3)

For many centuries, God continued to show amazing grace  while people continued to wait for the day when all things would be made new.  Through saving Noah and his family during a flood (Genesis 6-9), to rescuing Israel from the Egyptians (Exodus 5-15), and a multitude of other examples, God was showing up and showing us that there was a plan in place.

A little more than 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Son of God, showed up on the scene.  He did what no imperfect human being was able to do: he gave his life as the full payment for the sins (rebellion) of all humanity, giving us the opportunity to re-establish relationship with God  (Matthew 26-27).

But, staying dead wouldn't have been helpful! Jesus proved his power over sin and death by rising from the dead on the third day (Matthew 28), proving that there is no obstacle too big that can keep us separated from him!

When Jesus left, he gave his disciples (followers of Jesus) the Holy Spirit (Acts 1-2), which is the very presence of God that dwells inside of those who have placed their trust in him.  From then until now, billions of followers of Jesus have lived this new type of life, empowered by the sustaining grace and power of God which is present in us through the Holy Spirit.

We still live in a broken world.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We belong to an incredible kingdom which continues to advance on this earth with light, love, and life.  One day, Jesus will return and bring the completion of his work, making right all that has been wrong, restoring all that has been broken, and bringing justice where it has been absent. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

In the meantime, we continue to work, spreading the hope that is found in Jesus with anyone who will listen.    Whether believer or skeptic, you are welcome to join us on the journey!